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1:1 Online Monthly Coaching 

What you will get out of it 

Custom Program

Finallly! Freedom from having to figure out what to do in the gym.  Say goodbye to guessing at what exercises you should do, when you should do them, and how many reps and sets you should do too. 


You are not alone in this process.  I will be checking in weekly, if not more, to see how the program is going, to adjust and give feedback as needed, cheer you on, and answer any questions you may have.     


Having a PLAN and someone to answer to will push you to stay on track more than you would just on your own.  


Not only do I check in with you to see how your program is going but I also check video analysis to work with you to adjust form where needed.  Afterall this is an interactive  coaching program.  

1:1 Coaching  Breakdown

3-5 sessions a week 

Program based on equipment available to you

45 min - 1 hr training sessions

Prepay month by month 

If this sounds like what you have been looking for

Contact Me!   Subject: Online Coaching

Meet Kaylee

Sara has been making specific strength/conditioning programs for me for over 7 years now.   She has made changes to account for several sports during different seasons, for 5+ surgeries, and also to the overall goal of what I wanted from the workouts (muscle gain, strength rehab post-surgery, endurance gain etc.).  She has made it possible to send me workouts when I was  away at college, home but couldn’t make it in to train, or even when I am traveling for work.   She has made it easy to make sure I can get the results I have wanted no matter where I am at and around a schedule I can follow. 

4 x all conference

4 x all regional

CCIW Defensive player of the year

Multiple school and conference records held

4 x NCAA final 16 appearance

kaylee hs lax.png
kaylee college lax.png
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