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Maybe you prefer up front IN PERSON coaching ? You simply need someone to show you what to do 


Accountability & Consistency

Scheduled sessions  ensuring accountability and consistency.  Sticking to a schedule allows you to create a HABIT  for long term success

Immediate Feedback

In person coaching  allows for instant  form correction while performing  the exercise.  We find what cues work best for you  and adjust  when necessary 

Customized & Educational 

Training sessions are customized  for YOU and based on your goals. You will also learn the HOW and WHY behind the various exercises  prescribed

Challenging & Motivational

I am  right  by your side to push and motivate  you to grow strong[er] physically and mentally.  


Meet Kathleen

  My family was first introduced to Sara when my daughter’s travel softball team signed up for conditioning training almost 7 years ago.   In spite of how challenging the workout was, it was clear that Sara understood the difference between challenging an athlete and breaking an athlete; a trait that is (unfortunately) uncommon in youth athletics. 

     While we were happy with the facility that Sara was working out of, the reason why we kept coming back was because of Sara herself. To say that Sara is passionate about training is an understatement.  She is hungry for information, she has the certificates, degrees, experience and drive that epitomize success.  She is a wonderful role model-she never stops working and no goal is unattainable.  

    I have been a regular client since the beginning.  My weekly sessions with Sara are sacred-I schedule my weekends around them (and she thankfully makes herself available at 6:30am on Saturday if necessary because she understand how important the time is to me).  On top of my own strength and conditioning, Sara continues to provide workout plans for my now college student.  Although I never considered seeing a trainer before I met Sara, neither me or anyone in my family could imagine our lives without her

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