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The "Hodgson" behind Hodgson S & C

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🔵⚫️STRENGTH COACH 🔵⚫️_NOT just a job t

Hi all! I’m Sara Hodgson….a Strength and Conditioning Coach from the suburbs of Chicago, IL.  I have had the opportunity to coach some AMAZING people both in person and online for over 10 years now. ​

Why I Coach

Simply put because I love it! I am very passionate about every aspect of this field. I did NOT just take an online personal training class and start training anyone that would listen.  I did however get my Bachelors and Masters in fields relating to Exercise Science and I have done  multiple internships along the way that have allowed me to learn from some of the best coaches out there.   I continuously strive to learn as much as I can so I can bring the best to the table for my clients and athletes.  I love being able to help anyone realize how strong they actually are as they work toward their goals.... being able to coach allows me to do exactly that.  

        I LIVE for the days when my clients finally realize their physical AND mental strengths....the days when they make the team, get the scholarship, set a PR, or pass the physical exam for their new job.....and especially for the times when they overcome the obstacles, push through barriers, achieve their goals, AND THEN set new ones.








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B.S. – Kinesiology & Sports Studies – Exercise Science 

M. S. - Sports Science 

NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 

USAW-  Level 1 Sports Performance Coach 

Owner- Hodgson Strength & Conditioning, LLC

I will always do my best to teach you, motivate you, and
help you realize how strong you really are 

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