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SIMPLE Strength

Tired of not knowing what the heck you should or could be doing in the gym?  Maybe you just don't know where to start or you simply just want more structure in your gym life.  Put an end to the inconsistent and aimless workouts and start training with purpose NOW. 

It's time to get the structure and consistency you

have been lacking in the gym to FINALLY get on

 track and get those gainz you’ve been wanting

What is SIMPLE Strength?

SIMPLE Strength is a 6 month resistance training program that is designed to progressively increase in intensity phase by phase. The goal is to help you not only get stronger, but also improve your mobility and add on lean muscle mass along the way. 

Equipment needed -  This is a gym based program where you will need access to both resistance training machines and free weights (dumbbells and plates).  

Fit for anyone who

-wants to get into OR back into strength training

-wants a training plan ready to go

-wants simple, short, and effective NO BS workouts

-wants to increase their lean muscle mass

-wants to simply get strong[er]

You will get...

CONSISTENCY - Four strength-based workouts per week all mapped out for you released monthly for 6 months.

STRUCTURE - Each rep, set, rest period, exercise (with video demos),  progression, the order of exercises, etc. is all planned out for you. No need to search the internet or walk around the gym aimlessly anymore.  

PURPOSE - Each phase of the program is designed with purpose to push you closer to getting those gainz you've been wanting.  All you gotta do is put the work in and trust the process while you realize what you are really capable of achieving. 

SHORT & SWEET - No need to spend 7 hours in the gym.   Each training session is designed to get you in and out of the gym typically in under an hour.

CONVENIENT - Access SIMPLE Strength right off your phone from the website directly or from the Fit by Wix App.


Sign Up Now! 

Payments will be charged on a

reoccurring monthly basis for 6 months

 (just like most gym memberships). 

Cancel whenever.. life happens but NO refunds will be issued.  

$50 a month

Step 1   Create Account

First things first, you have to create an account and confirm your email address via the email that will be sent after you create your account.  CHECK YOUR JUNK/SPAM FOLDER - the account email confirmation may be filtered out of your inbox

Step 2    Sign Up

After you confirm your email, come back to this page and click Waiver and Sign.  You will go through the waiver > sign into your new account > checkout!

Step 3    Download the App

You can access the SIMPLE Strength program from the website directly on your phone by logging into your account via the website. 


You can download the Fit by Wix App. 

Click "Got an invite code" 

Enter code HSANDC when prompted.

Click Join then Sign up with Email

Enter your account email and then password. 

Click your app store below to download

  • What equipment will I need?
    Commercial gym access.. machines, dumbbells, mats, weight bench, weight plates or kettlebells
  • Is coaching involved in this program?
    No. This program provides you with the plan and tools for you to take and lift with. Custom programming and 1 on 1 coaching is available. If you are looking for a more customized program with coaching email
  • What if I want to cancel?
    You are free to cancel anytime you'd like. Simply log into your account through the website or in the app go into your account profile > My activities > My subscriptions > Click on SIMPLE strength > Cancel Subscription
  • Who can I contact if I have any issues?
    Click the link below to contact me
  • What if I miss a workout during a week?
    Life happens. Just pick up where you left off. Obviously staying as consistent as possible is what we are aim for for optimal progress, but schedules change, crap comes up, and life happens. If you miss a session one week, just add it in the following week. You will simply do 4 workouts in the following week.
  • Is nutrition coaching or meal planning involved?
    Nope. Nutrition based guidance is left to the experts. This is strictly a strength training program.
  • When do I start?
    Once you check out you will have access to your first month of the program to start when you'd like.
  • When is my payment processed?
    Payments are processed on a monthly basis.
  • Is every workout different?
    Consistency is key across the board. We are mastering the basic movement patterns here so if a different workout all day every day is your thing then this might not be your jam. Reps, sets, exercises, rest periods, range of motion, etc will all change throughout this 6 month program, but exercises will repeat for periods of time throughout.

You are never going to be fully ready.. just start now

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