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Push-up Tips

Working on push-ups?

A great way to build up strength for performing pushups is to break the exercise down and start with working on the lowering phase only of the push up. AKA you are not pushing up at all, you are just controlling the downward phase of the exercise.

You can start from your knees or your toes - if you are fairly new to push ups or getting back into them after a long break, I suggest starting from your knees and then working your way up to your toes.

Start with 5 reps per set with a slooooow 3 second pace as you lower yourself down during each rep.

Not fast - count one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand as you lower body down and don't collapse to the floor at the end. Keep it slow and controlled.

Once you reach the bottom, reset yourself up into the push up position at the top of the movement and repeat the just the lowering phase down to the floor again.

Start with 3-4 sets of 5 reps with a 3 second sloooow lowering pace. Rest about 3 minutes between sets so your muscles can recover a bit before the next round.

As you gain strength try adding in another set or another rep onto each set or going even slower than 3 seconds on the way down.

Try it out and let the gainz begin!

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