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Grip Strength Gainz

Do you find yourself having to drop whatever weight you are using, not because of the muscles you are working, but because you literally just CANNOT hold it or hold on anymore?

This is very common in the world of resistance training, especially to those who are new to heavy lifting. Adding in some grip strength drills will help strengthen your grip so your gainz are no longer limited by your lack of grip strength!

Most of us know about the grip strength trainer tools that you can simply squeeze and adjust the resistance. These are great for when your watching TV or stuck in traffic... but how about when you at the gym actually training? Below are some grip strength exercises you can add into your workouts.

Single or Double Hand Plate Pinches (pictured)

-Grab a weight plate - start out light and work your way up

-Hold the plate in front of you by

pinching it between your fingertips

Dumbbell Head holds (pictured)

The type of dumbbells used may affect the difficulty For example, smooth metal dumbbells will be harder to hang on to because of the smooth surface rather than the commonly seen rubber headed dumbbells.

Fat Grips (pictured

Add the grips onto dumbbells or bars. Widening the DB or bar forces you to work harder to hold onto the weight.. in the long run increasing your grip strength.

Add these on to lighter loads rather than max or near max weights

Other tips and tricks

SQUEEZE the bar or Dumbbell

Don't rely on straps -force the use of your hands when you can

Grab a softball or larger ball that requires effort for you to grip or palm and squeeze it on n off 5-10 seconds for a few sets. This is a great starting point for beginners since the load is very light.

**Add grip strength training in at the end of your training sessions (don't want to limit yourself by fatiguing your grip early on)

Start out with light weight in the beginning and then progress to heavier loads or tactics as you get stronger.

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