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Unilateral and Bilateral Exercises….What are they and why you should add both into your workout plan

Single Arm or Single Leg work is formally known as unilateral exercises – you are working one limb at a time.

Unilateral exercises are great for addressing any weaknesses from one limb to the other since they work one limb independently of the other.

Examples of Unilateral Exercises


Single Arm Dumbbell Rows

Step Ups

Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell


Exercises that use both legs or both arms simultaneously are formally known as bilateral exercises.

Examples of Bilateral Exercises

Goblet Squats

Barbell Bench Press

Using mixture of bilateral and unilateral exercises is common practice in most exercise programs. In SIMPLE Strength, we progress to and from bilateral and unilateral exercises to increase strength evenly and help address any possible imbalances.

Tip: Add a few extra reps to your weaker side whenever performing unilateral exercises.

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