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I love thinking about and setting big goals - no doubt there, but to get to that goal I've learned it is best to START SMALL with the actions you take to get there. Changing 7 different things right off the bat or implementing super strict guidelines is overwhelming and not gonna be something you are likely to maintain for the long haul.  Start with something small, let yourself get those small wins under your belt, take advantage of the momentum you get going, and then build onto your steps and add in more actions as you go. 

Example: you want to get yourself into a regular workout routine - Start small.

This will depend on you and where you are at when you start, but this may look like one workout a week to start for someone or this may look like 10-15 minute walks on lunch breaks for another person. Do this for a month or so and then add onto it. Increase the workouts from once a week to two - three times a week or bump the walks up to 30-45 mins.

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