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Do I HAVE to use a barbell to strength train?

Q: Do I have to use a barbell to strength train?

A: NOPE, you absolutely do not have to use barbells to strength training. You have options.

Body weight exercises are fantastic for anyone starting out or getting back into strength training. They require zero equipment which is great for at home workouts. You can adjust your reps and pace to increase or decrease the intensity.

Machines are a great place to start when you begin strength training. Directions are included on the machines to guide you on set up and how to use them. You can easily adjust the weight you use in machines as well. Tip- Track the weights you use week by week to see your progress and gage when to increase the resistance.

Dumbbells are also a great alternative to barbells. Dumbbells are by far one of my fav types of resistance training equipment to use mainly because they are so versatile. There are so many different exercises you can do with them AND they are also great for at home workouts (especially adjustable dumbbells).

You don't have to use a barbell to get strong[er]. Check out simple strength

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