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Exercise Bites - #5 Core & Arms

Exercise Bites are just that, bite size workouts. Short and sweet and to the point.

Quick & simple 10-15 minute workouts you can do before you start your day, on your lunch break, after work, etc. If you have 10-15 mins to scroll the socials you have 10-15 mins here or there to work on your strength, mobility, and/or endurance.

Warm up

Thread the Needle 6 each side

Core & Arms

DB Overhead Extensions 12 reps

DB or BW Russian Twists 15 reps

DB Bicep Curls 12 reps

repeat the above 3-4 rounds through

End with a Plank from forearms for as long as you can


How'd you like this exercise bite?

  • loooooooooved it.. keep em coming

  • not a fan

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