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You do NOT need to spend 3 hours a day in the gym to have completed a "good" workout. You 💯 percent get in and get out and have completed a simple, effective, and efficient workout. This goes for at home workouts as well. Time is always tight and life is chaotic, but you can still cram in a quick strength training workout at home with some dumbbells instead if going to the gym is not your jam or in the cards. 20-30 or a few lifts are always better than nothing.

Keeping your workouts simple and quick can not only still be effective and save you time, but it will also most likely keep you consistent OR at least make being consistent more realistic and attainable in your life. It is a lot easier to build a habit and stay consistent when the barrier to entry is lower.... aka when the habit is not a daunting task.

Think about it, are you more likely to stay on track with a plan that keeps you in the gym/working out for three hours? OR are you more likely to consistently stick to a plan that is short, simple, and to the point that can be done in 30 ish mins and still get you closer to your goals? I'll pick option number 2.

If you are overwhelmed and just want some guidance on where to start when it comes to strength training - stay tuned and subscribe to my email list.

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